The culturally curious foodie behind the blog.

Are you vaguely wondering; “Okay but who is this lady?” Let me introduce myself. I am an all-round curious creature, currently finishing up a second degree in communications. I am an absolute foodie at heart. Born and raised in Belgium, but always eager to see the world. I suppose if you know that, it won’t really come as much of a surprise that my favourite ways to stay busy are: traveling, talking to strangers & of course cooking. So ‘Culturally curious foodie.’ seemed like a suitable label to adopt.


“Why the blog?” You might wonder.

Before this big virus -which we shall not name- hit our world, I had plans. I just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in tourism. Great timing, right. I was planning to find a job abroad, which is something I always dreamt of. Even more so after completing an internship in Australia.

Obviously, the plans changed. I had to reinvent myself, as did many of you I assume. I ended up spending WAY more time in my kitchen.’ The heart of the home’ as I like to call it. Essentially, I tried to find new ways to get that sense of travel and adventure from home. Bringing the world and its cultures into the kitchen seemed like a splendid way to do that.

Bonus: I get to refine my culinary skills and taste some new food. That alone gets me excited!

Culturally Curious Foodie
The foodie behind the blog
About me
I feel at home when I'm traveling.

What to expect?

Am I a great cook? ABSOLUTELY not! I might be the world’s most average cook. That is optimistically speaking. This blog is my way of experiencing a taste of the world without being able to travel. Sounds intriguing to you? Join me whilst trying new recipes, looking for inspiring stories, finding new restaurants, bars…. 

Right, and with that Ill send you off into the adventure that is this blog. Rather than to explain, let me introduce you to my very first post on this blog. This one might immediately inspire you on why ‘travel’ & ‘food’ go hand in hand here. 

Hopefully, you enjoy wandering through this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.
If you want to get in touch? Dont hesitate to share your thoughts and send me a message through my socials. As I mentioned, I quite enjoy having a chat. Have fun!

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