NOSTALGIC BAKING #2: How to make a Traditional Afternoon Tea!

Organising A Traditional Afternoon Tea!

Why I am Making A Traditional Afternoon TEa?

Hello curious creatures! Welcome back, once again, in my kitchen. This pandemic still has us stuck at home and believe it or not, but I am well and truly craving a trip to Britain.

You may or may not know, but I am a bit of an anglophile. I have been since I can remember. So, what do we do when we can’t go and get our afternoon tea in London? We make it ourselves.

In this vlog I am taking matters into my own hands and I’m organising a traditionally British afternoon tea. So come along on a day ALL about AFTERNOON TEA filled with plenty of baking! 

Traditional Afternoon Tea
Traditional Afternoon Tea


The recipes itself are really quite simple. 

Nostalgic baking #2: Making A traditional Afternoon Tea - CHECK OUT MY VIDEO Below!

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Why wouldn’t you try this on a free day yourself? I am overjoyed just thinking about high tea. If you feel excited to try thise out yourself, I would highly recommend it. And in case you aren’t craving any high tea right now, keep an eye out on the ‘Curious Cuisine’ page on my blog! There are plenty of new recipes and try-outs coming your way!

If you do, don’t forget to let me know the results by commenting or start a conversation through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. I am always up for a chat! 

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